Vector Relief Map Of Germany

I completed a relief map of Germany in vector format (i.e. for Adobe Illustrator).

The map shows elevation level contours superimposed over a grey shaded relief, tapered rivers, international borders and major cities. All features are on separate layers, 24 layers in total, fully editable. For the relief shading I use my own proprietary method to emphasize large terrain structures. (I am still working on improved methods for terrain generalization, but my current method is already good enough to use on my maps.)

Vector Relief Map Of Germany
Vector Relief Map Of Germany

Relief map of Minnesota

Last week I made a custom map of Minnesota. It shows the sea floor relief for Lake Superior, major and secondary highways, national forests and wilderness areas and native lands.

The map has a size of 24 inch (approx. 61 cm or 7200 pixels at 300 dpi). The designer requested the colored relief as a raster image and the linework as Illustrator file, because she wanted to add her own information to the map and have the ability to edit the existing features.

Here is a downsized view and a crop:


Minnesota, relief mapMinnesota, relief map

Relief map of Africa

This relief map of Africa is an example of my ‘classical’ relief style. The colors are taken from NASA satellite images, but adapted with my own propietary natural color processing method. The shaded relief is somewhat generalized to give emphasis to large terrain features. Ocean colors represent the sea floor depth.

This image is available for purchase from

You can also get versions with country borders and major cities.

Afrika, Reliefkarte

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